The Talmud which is the bible of Judaism teaches it's OK for Jews to have sex with gentile girls as young as three since such are subhuman.

MORE WORDS OF WISDOM FROM THE JEWISH BIBLE: In the well known Talmud suit which was heard in Nuremberg in November, 1931, the legal expert and authority on the Talmud, Dr. Erich Bischoff, confirmed under oath the following law of the Talmud:- “A Gentile girl who is three years and one day of age can be violated.” (Abodah Sara 37a.) He said that this law occurred repeatedly in the Talmud. He had asked a Rabbi, and he confirmed without hesitation the correctness of this part of the law. Dr. Bischoff also confirmed under oath the authenticity of the following law of the Talmud:- “The property of the Gentile is ownerless. The Jew may take possession of it by robbery, fraud, or theft and other.” (Coshem Hemischpath 176.12, 156.5,

George W. Bush With Talmud and on his way to lessons More


  What is the Talmud? This question was answered by The Christian News, November 20, 1995 which said “The Talmud is the authoritative collection of Rabbinic Law, supposed Eto have been given by God himself to Moses on Mount Sinai These Laws E[are said to have been]Ehanded down orally from Moses and passed from generation to generation all the way down to the times of Jesus, and beyond. Some time after the establishment of Christianity, the Rabbis decided to write down these lawsElt;BR>  “… The Rabbis in Palestine wrote down the oral law as they observed it. Another great center of Rabbis (located in Babylonia) wrote down their version. In the end, the Babylonian Talmud became viewed as authoritativeElt;BR>

The Talmud is arranged in six Divisions, each of which contains books called Tractates. Each tractate is numbered with double pages: The first is called “aEthe second “bE(Thus for example, the second side of page 53 would be called 53b). The Soncino Talmud does no follow this printing format, however, but lists its pages according to English page numbers. So any page of the Talmud will have an English page number at the bottom, and a Hebrew page number at the top. So that the readers Emay be able to check our research for themselves Eour references to the Talmud will contain: 1) Tractate name; 2) Hebrew page number; and 3) Soncino English page number.Elt;BR>   Since surveys show that that 85% of those under the influence of the teachings of the Talmud have never even read it, we thought it important to present passages from the Babylonian Talmud. This is done in the Prayerful hope that those ignorant to its doctrine will take the time to compare it to the word of God found in the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Holy Bible. The following is an exposition of Talmud passages from the massive 34 volume Soncino edition.
   1. God gave the Oral (Rabbinic) Law to Moses at Mt.Sinai. Aboth 1.1 p.1
   2. Those who obey the Rabbis are holy; those who disobey are wicked. Yebamoth 20a, p.117
   3. Studying the Bible after studying the Talmud produces trouble. Hagigah, 10a, p.49-50.
   4. God intervenes in a Rabbinic dispute and is logically defeated by a Rabbi. God proclaims the Rabbi the Victor in the debate. Baba Mezia, 59b, p.353.
   5. The Rabbis are greater than the prophets. Baba Bathra, 12a, p.59
   6. Eating dates makes one ineligible to render legal decisions. Proper times to eat dates. Kethuboth, 10b, p.53-54.
   7. The medicinal value of dirt found in the shadow of an out house; also, of the excrement of a white dog. Gittin, 69a and 69b, p.329.
   8. It is forbidden for dogs, women or palm trees to pass between two men, nor may others walk between dogs, women or palm trees. Especial dangers are involved if the women are menstruating or sitting at a crossroads. Pesahim, 111a, p.571.
   9. War atrocities: rivers of blood; blood fertilizer for seven years; 940,000 Israelites killed on one stone. Gittin, 57a and 57b, p.264-265.
  10. Four billion Israelites were killed by the Romans in one city, the city of Bethar.EGittin 57b, p.266
  Are you disappointed that the media tells you a hundred times a day about the Holocaust and the six million* but is silent about the Holocaust at Bethar and the four billion (yes you read it correctly) lost there as described in the Talmud?
  Be careful before you say (or even think**) you don’t believe these numbers because you are likely to be labeled a Holocaust denier, neo-nazi (we reject the anti-U.S.Constitution movements of both Zionism and Nazism) Hate monger using hate speech or all the above and thus subject to prosecution and imprisonment up to 5 years in some “DemocraticEcountries. If imprisoned you will be suffering a delusion if you believe that Amnesty International or the U.S. State Department will help to guarantee your Human Rights after committing this particular though crime. For further information read George Orwell’s Nineteen-Hundred-Eighty-Four.
   The Talmud continues reporting war atrocities and offering “words of wisdomE
   11. Sixteen million Israelite school children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans at Bethar. Gittin 58a, p.269-270.
   12. Elijah and Moses blamed God for causing the Israelites to sin; God admitted they were right. Berakoth 31b, 32a, p.195, 198.
   13. David had sexual relations with all 18 wives even while he was sick. Sanhedrin 107a, p.732.
   14. Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden. Yebamoth 63a, p.420.
   15. Zimri engaged Cozbi in Sexual relations 424 times in one day, till she became like a water-filled ditch. Also, her womb was 1½ feet wide. Sanhedrin 82b, p.547-548.
   16. Obed-Edom’s wife and eight daughters-in-law all gave birth to six children per childbirth. Berakoth 63b, 64a, p.403.
   17. Dogs in strange towns don’t bark for seven years. Erubin, 61a, p.427.
   18. If one hits his father or mother without causing a wound, he is not guilty and should not be killed. Sanhedrin 85b, p.563.
   19. Woe unto him who maketh himself alive by the name of God. Sanhedrin 106.
   20. Jesus in hell where his punishment is boiling in hot semen.EGittin 57a.

The reason one can not trust the word of any Jew is because of a prayer they chant called Kol Nidre

* The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry by Walter N. Sanning who analyzes the census data and the extraordinary population displacements which occured before, during and after WWII, which involved great migrations of Jewish refugees. The Holocaust lobby has labeled this book as a "sophisticated piece of Holocaust deniel." 200+ pages $10 (Shipped to USA addresses only. Please use our Order Form.)
** The July 1996 Action Report (AR) said that Famous British Historian David Irving ( was charged with Racial Incitement in Germany following a lecture on September 2, 1990. The prosecutor alleged that Irving had stated that “The gas chamber shown to tourists at Auschwitz is a post-war fake built by the Poles... (the Polish Government has EOps! Sorry we are not a Revisionist site) When it was pointed out that the sound recordings proved that Mr.Irving had said no such thingEthe prosecutor changed the indictment to read that Mr.Irving intended to say these words;Eand that Mr. Gunter Deckhart the organizer of the meeting “had known that Mr.Irving intended to say them.EMr.Deckhart was sentenced to serve 20 months in jail. Mr.Irving has been fined $22,000 in Germany for his thought crimes.
  Now you can understand why the Media is so jubilant over the “New GermanyE This is a sample of the kind of “JusticeE Americans can expect if our Constitution continues to be disregarded or abondoned to satisfy the Talmudists.!

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